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Visit to The Tomb of Soekarno in Blitar

Yesterday afternoon with a friend i went to Blitar. Choosing Blitar as a destination was just suddenly and without planning. We both ate lunch together and made conversation about many topics; morever, we agreed to go blitar right after lunch.

Therefore, we packed and be ready one hour later. From Pare district we went to Kediri city by angkot, the cost of that was Rp,20.000 for both of us. The car was running slow and sometime it stopped several minutes for other passengers.

After about 30 minutes, we arrived at Kediri city. We got off at town square and waited for a bus to Blitar. We didn’t wait too long, there were several buses pass by and we choosed one. That was an Ekonomi Bus, non ac and many people just stood in the bus. The bus ticket to Blitar was just Rp.10.000 for each person.

We arrived at Blitar at 3.00 pm, two ojeks offered their service to take us to Makam Bung Karno. We negotiated the cost and agreed that they would drop off and pick up us for Rp.20.00o per person. So, we were in Makam Bung Karno in 30 minutes later. At there we took some photos and lay a wreath at the tomb of Bung Karno.

At 4.30 pm we were ready to go home. By ojek we went to Blitar terminal then waiting a bus to Kediri. We arrived Kediri at 6.30 and got an angkot to Pare district at 8.00 pm. At last we arrived safely at our boarding house at 8.30 pm.

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