Last Poem of WS “Bird Peacock” Rendra

ws-rendraIn this week we, people in Indonesia are very sad because we have been loss two guru forever, Mbah Surip and WS. Rendra. They are both friends and famous artists at Indonesia.

Willibrordus Surendra Broto Rendra called WS Rendra was born at November 7, 1935 at Solo, Jawa Tengah.  He started his carreer as art and social artist since he was student at UGM (Universitas Gajah Mada) and since that, his works has been published at many magazines and newsletters.

At 1967 he launched a theatre workshop at Yogyakarta called Bengkel Teater, a place of many artists and man of letters meets together.

Last night WS Rendra died after he was sick for several months. His tomb is at Rendra Family Cemetery at Depok. He in a cemetery near the grave of Mbah Surip.

WS Rendra is a humanist who is famous with the nickname “The Bird Peacock”. In his 74 years old, he has much works at social literature and art. Rendra’s poetry was made last time when he stays in Mitra Keluarga Hospital for treatment on 31 July 2009. WS rendra’s death, leaving the impression not only for his family, but also the Indonesian people.

Here is the content of his final poem :

ku lemas
Tapi berdaya
Aku tidak sambat rasa sakit
atau gatal
Aku pengin makan tajin
Aku tidak pernah sesak nafas
Tapi tubuhku tidak memuaskan
untuk punya posisi yang ideal dan wajar
Aku pengin membersihkan tubuhku
dari racun kimiawi
Aku ingin kembali pada jalan alam
Aku ingin meningkatkan pengabdian
kepada Allah
Tuhan, aku cinta padamu

WS Rendra
31 July 2009
Mitra Keluarga Hospital