This Migraine is Killing Me

I suffer from migraine headaches since 2002 when i was in college. It has been eight years since i first felt confused as to why these headaches are very sick, and why only the right side of my head are sick.

People who suffer from migraine certainly know how the pain. I am including a severe migraine sufferer. If the migraine comes, I sometimes nausea and vomiting, so I can only lie in bed waiting for the pain subsides own.

My migraines always come suddenly. Like two days ago when I was around town with some friends. All of a sudden migraine coming .. wooah incredible pain and no place to lie down. So I just leaned against the car seat and a few minutes later I was vomiting in the seat. A friend drove me home.

What migraine medications? To my knowledge there is no cure for migraine. Usually the pain will subside after 3-4 hours. three – four hours of such torture. If you are a migraine sufferer, be patient and if you still can survive should you not have to take medication. Just patiently waiting for the pain disappeared.