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Pandeglang Tourist

Pandeglang is a regency of Banten provence. This area has many beautiful place for tourist like Pantai carita, Tanjung lesung, pantai bama, Pantai Ciputih and Pemandian Cikoromoy. Pandeglang is one of my must visited place at Java someday.

I have found some pictures of Pandeglang at Flickr and the image below is some of them. The authority of pictures is the owner not me.

You can find more awesome images of Pandeglang over Internet. And for more details about Pandeglang you can visit my brother’s blog. He has been concentrated at Pandeglang SEO contents for this two months. And this is his good article about Pandeglang : Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang by Pancallok.

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