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Noordin M Top Died, Live on TV

noordin-m-top-diedSince last night the Indonesian TV viewers shown a tense drama when officers besiege and invade the terorist’s house at Beji village, Kedu sub-distric, Temanggung regency.

Most wanted terrorist, Noordin M Top finally died in the hands of 88 Antiteror Detachment (Densus 88) Indonesian Police. He died after officers blockades the house of Noordin M Top for 18 ours.

Then The death of Noordin M Top being the top news today. Metro TV and TV One are two Indonesia TV Media was most watched because they are Live on that case.

As we know, Noordin M Top’s gang has succesfull blasted JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton Hotel last month, there is some people died at that case. Today when Noordin died many people feel happy and give good imppression to Police that finished their job succesfully.

Last, let’s pray so that the terrorists lost forever from indonesia and the world.

* i have been changed some words from this post. Thank you friends

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  1. pemilihan kata kurang pas mas.
    corral -??? lebih baik “besiege”
    watcher ?? better “viewers”

    broke = menghancurkan… better invade

    desa-village , kecamatan-sub district

    Most sought terrorist, – maksudnya mo bilang apa nih???

    coba ditulis jg artikel dalam bahasa indonesia… ntar qta sharing deh


  2. hahaa.. makasih mas Salim. Salam kenal. Ntar saya edit.

    Most sought teroris maksudku adalah “Teroris paling di cari”

  3. Artikelnya dah bagus mas …
    Saya jg gak bisa english .. hehe
    Most sought teroris … apa gak lebih enak di dengar .. Most wanted terrorist ?

    salam kenal,


    • iyya yahh kok gak kepikiran “Most Wanted terrorist”… sippp
      * sudah puyeng bongkar2 kamus cari kata yang tepat hahaa