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No Confirmation Additional Credit Card

Last friday i got a packet from BII card centre, my card issuer. I was confuse what exacly this packet about because my credit card billing statement was setup to come to me by email every month. I opened it and then i was surprise because it was a addition credit card that never i order. So how it came to me?

Exactly this is the fourth cards i got from BII card centre. It is no problem if this card is free for annual subscription fee but it’s not free. For primary card i must pay IDR 150.000 and IDR 100.000 for additional card. If i have three additional card so i must pay IDR 450.000 yearly.

I think the sales man of BII card has forged my signature. Without my permission he applies a card for me. It is because for every succesfully card he will get some bonus from the issuer.

Next i will phone my credit card issuer to report this and cancel the last card i got. And maybe i will move to other card issuer because i don’t like this stupid condition.

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