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Netvibes Helps Me Online


Last week i read a blog post about netvibes topic. I don’t know what is netvibes about but i interest for what the poster wrote. He wrote we can read all our favourite website in just one site. So i sign up and try to be familiar.

And wow, Netvibes not just make us can read all our favourite sites but we can check our email from this and connect at facebook also. So we don’t need open every single website to read them all, just open make some pages then refresh it. I have 3 pages, two private and one for public. I keep all my favourite online newspaper at public and put feed links of some discussion forum at private pages.

If you are a web master, you can use Netvibes to manage your activity. Make one pages about your site then add feed of your competitor at your tab and your link resources at other tab. For every posting update from your competitor or your site reference you will be the first one who know it, just refresh the tab.

The problem i got using Netvibes is coming from Forum discussion site. I can add feed from that forum but i can only  read the first post at every single topic, i can’t read all replies from the topic. The solution of this is click “show website” at the right column and you will be redirected to website form of the forum site. But you need some time interval to open it.

Netvibes helps my online activity. You can see my public netvibes here. Don’t forget to add me as your friend. See you at Netvibes.

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