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I’m Going to Deactivate My Facebook Account This Night

This is my second experience deactivate my facebook account by myself. Facebook as we know is a popular and the best social web in this world. Many funny conversation make us laughing out loud and some other make us sad when we hear something bad from our friends.

This night I will deactivate it for several weeks because i want to concentrate at some offline activity that needs my full attention.

These are some tips from me if you want to deactivate your facebook like as me. First, make an announch at your status, tell your friends that you will make your account unavailable for searching or your friends can’t find you if try to open your profile. If not, your friends think you delete them and make they feel angry. Then the next step, send message to some special friends if you have, tell them your situation and be sure no miss communication.

Now how to deactivate your account? you can use setting menu at right top of your facebook page. Click setting then you will enter to the privacy account settings. In that page, at bottom of the page just click deactivate link. Then you will be redirect to a confirm page to ask you if you are sure want to deactivate your account. Choose what is your reason why you want to stop using facebook. I choose “just temporary and will be back”. Oke .. after that, click deactivate account and holaah you are deactivate now and your profile will be unavailable for everyone.

Reactive your account and back to your facebook as same as when you leave it is easy. Just login usually, enter your email and password then you will be active automatically. I plan reactivate my account after 2-3 weeks. It’s mean i am free man now 🙂

Update :
I got an email from facebook team tell me that I have deactivated my account successfully

Hi Anshar,You have deactivated your Facebook account. You can reactivate your account at any time by logging into Facebook using your old login email and password. You will be able to use the site like you used to.

The Facebook Team

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