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I Have Problem With Flickr

Be a Pro FlickrI have a Picasa account but see many people always using Flickr as their online photo service so i choose it.

In this week i have been uploaded my photos to my Flickr then today i am surprise because there is a limitation for free account of Flickr.

For free Flickr account we can upload unlimited photos but there are just 200 recent photos we can see.  I have uploaded 171 photos to flickr and have thousands photos wait to be uploaded.

For more space we must be a pro Flickr member and the cost of pro is $24.95 a year. It’s mean i must have a budget for my online photos every year. Honestly, i don’t like it.

I am not a photografer but i like to shoot anything that i found. So what is the solution for this problem? Be a Flickr pro or find another free photo service 🙁

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