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Hard Day

Yesterday is a very hard day. I didn’t sleep at night and in the morning I got to drive a friend around this city.

Sumarlin is my college friend. We never met for a long time. He came to Makassar for visiting his mother. And tomorrow morning he must back to Kalimantan.

We met yesterday morning at KFC Ratulangi. He came with his wife, vera and his daughters, chika and Aya. After ate the spam food we went to Karebosi Link and MTC to buy a camera for his wife and some saroongs for his mother. We made some photos at Karebosi link.

After that, I drive the car to Anjungan Losari. We only a few minutes at there and off course i shooted them with Losari background.

From losari, I must took them to the Wahidin Hospital. It is very far from losari. But this is a nice reunion, we much talked about our alumni and our other friends. Oiyaa.. Before to hospital I drive them around unhas.

We parted at the hospital and I drive alone to my home and got my head is sick. I’m migrain and hungry so i stopped my car at Coto Paraikatte restaurant for lunch.

At home, I was going to my bed and going sleep for 2 ours. The migrain is very pain.

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