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First Night at Java

I went to Java yesterday. I was flying used Garuda flight from Sultan Hasanuddin airport. The ticket of garuda is more expensive than other but they have the most quality. I love Garuda.

The airplane landed at Sukarno Hatta airport at 13.45 wib o’clock. I was at 31.000 feets from land for 2 ours. It made my headache.

Oyaah, yesterday I was flying with miss Ichie, my family from Makassar but her work located at Purwokerto.

I have many friends at Jakarta and surroundings area. Mr Bobby And Farahdiba is two of them. They are a husband and wife.

Bobby picked me at the airport then took me to his house. The first dinner of my vacation is at Bobby’s house with his family.

Bobby has 2 daughter, Nashwa and siwa. And with his wife, Farahdiba he lives at Tangerang. So this is me now at Tangerang, sleep and online from Bobby’s home.

May god bless you and your family bro.

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