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Download Your Facebook Profile to Local Computer

socialsafe-facebookIn the month of April ago my facebook account was banned from Facebook. After email twice, i was noticed that their decision was final and my account was permanently disabled.

I was very frustrate because i have uploaded many photos and videos at there and i can’t find how to get it back to me.  Before it was happen, i think facebook is a safe place to back up my photos. I always uploaded all my new photos to facebook and never made a back up. It was a tragedy because facebook didn’t want to restore my account.

Today i read a posting from mashable blog that there is a web with great application can download all files at our facebook profile to local computer. So i think it is a good idea to back up our profile now to prevent something unexpected in the future.

The web is socialsafe. With socialsafe you can download your photo albums,  photos you are tagged in, your friends and your profile. You can safe your facebook profile by download all your data to your computer. After download it, you can browse it at locally your computer.

Socialsafe is not a free application. To use their service you must pay $2.99. This is a cheap payment for great service.

SocialSafe Intro Video from Pascal Wheeler on Vimeo.

Oke, i want to purchase it but i got problem in their form order. My country is not in their country list. They don’t accept purchasing from Indonesia. O my god. Indonesia still at risk country? No, they are using paypal as payment and Paypal accept member from Indonesia. So why Socialsafe doesn’t accept Indonesian????

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  1. Anshar – I think you have received a direct message from us, but just in case, the answer to the PayPal issue is that you have to choose “Rest of the World”. The reason we have various countries listed and then Rest of the World is that there are special taxes we have to pay in some countries and not others, so we list those that we need to know about. Apologies for any confusion and I hope you enjoy our product. Julian Ranger, Chairman, SocialSafe Ltd